Non-Event Tea Party


What is a “Non-Event Tea Party”?

You are invited to enjoy a cup of tea at your own convenience, while reflecting on the services offered to our community by TPC. One of the most notable benefits of this type of fundraiser is the convenience for you to make a hearty contribution, as if you actually were at an event but are tucked snuggly at home. Life is so busy and we wanted you to relax and enjoy this unique experience. A “Non-event Tea Party” Fundraiser enables everyone to “attend” the Tea Party at their leisure!


Here’s the buzz about why & how your giving will bee used this year:

  • Our 9-year-old ultrasound machine, in the office needs to bee replaced after hundreds of scans!

  • Women coming to us “abortion-minded” has increased as well as the number of lives bee-ing saved!

  • As we grow and see more clients each month, we are finding we need to keep more supplies and equipment on hand to help these extra women avoid abortion…new space to keep these operating supplies must bee built.

  • A new nurse needs to bee hired and trained to cover additional hours

  • After several years of use, our technology, network and software must bee upgraded

  • Our furniture and fixtures are wearing out due to more client traffic and use.  Some of it must bee replaced this year.

     Thank you for bee-ing so supportive and listening to the Lord as you donate. 


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2018 Non-Event Tea Donations
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