• An Informed Choice is a Healthy Choice


We are here for you with support, information, and hope for the future.

  • “I felt very much at ease when I first walked in.  Not only did nobody seem to be judging me, but everyone seemed genuinely happy and excited for me.  It was the first time I had felt any type of positive emotion about the pregnancy. “

  • “Once I came for the first ultrasound they told me about the learn to earn program.  This was the answer to my prayers!  Not only was I showered with everything I needed for my bundle of joy; I also got the guidance, support, and strength I needed to be ok.  I went from a scared, unprepared wreck who cried out to God, “I can’t do this!”  To a strong, prepared, knowledgeable mother who then told God thank you for blessing me with these angels.”

  • “Your mentors and your program have changed my life! When I felt like I had no one to turn to for help, you were there. When I didn’t know how I would afford the mandatory comforts for my newborn, you were there. When I had questions, I was afraid to ask, you were there. You were there with open arms, understanding, a shoulder to cry on, an open door for any and all concerns, and endless insights into the very scary worlds of pregnancy and parenting."

  • “What a cool program for pregnant moms and expected fathers. I love the tender care and compassion that each trained volunteer offers to any woman expecting their first born or their fifth born. The sessions are private and held in a confidential manner which makes transparency easy. I highly recommend this place for so many reasons let alone for the fact that they are designed to help facilitate the best environment for a child to be born in.”