Non-Event Tea Party



What is a “Non-Event Tea Party”?

You are invited to enjoy a cup of tea at your own convenience, while reflecting on the services offered to our community by TPC. One of the most notable benefits of this type of fundraiser is the convenience for you to make a hearty contribution, as if you actually were at an event but are tucked snuggly at home. Life is so busy and we wanted you to relax and enjoy this unique experience. A “Non-event Tea Party” Fundraiser enables everyone to “attend” the Tea Party at their leisure!


How Your Donations Benefit The Pregnancy Center

  • The Earn While You Learn educational program allows parents to purchase items needed for their babies after attending classes on pregnancy and into parenting!
  • Sanctity of Human Life…Lives of the unborn are being saved!
  • We do not receive any government money from the local, state or national level, because we want to have the freedom to share the Gospel with each and every client!
  • We are supported by our community and 100% of your giving goes directly to The Pregnancy Center to bring hope and support to those living amongst us!
  • Eternal rewards…this work doesn’t just end here…there are heavenly dividends.

Sharing Hope – Training Up – Bringing Help – Saving Lives


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Non-Event Tea Donations
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