Medical Bus Donations

The Pregnancy Center is Going MOBILE!

In a time where we can change history with the push of a button, let’s start with the turn of a key and save the lives of the unborn and their parents as we offer the gift of salvation.


Thank you for donating generously towards our Save the Storks medical mobile bus!  We are moving forward in bringing this “onsite ministry” to our valley.

We have reached our initial goal with matching funds worth $125,000.

Well done everyone, we have ordered our bus!

We will be receiving our bus on August 27th, 2016!

Your continued support will go towards its yearly operating expenses and keep us on the road! 

storkEasily give a tax deductible gift to support our missionary effort! 



Launch Party: September 17th, 2016

Join us as we launch our Medical Mobile Stork Bus!! September 17, at 10:00-11:45 am. Here at The Pregnancy Center 2019 Aero Way #103 Medford 97504


What is the Stork Bus?

The Save the Storks Bus is a mobile mini-bus that will enable us to provide FREE ultrasounds and FREE pregnancy testing to women in our community. Ultrasounds will be administered by a trained Registered Nurse Sonographer and reviewed by our overseeing doctor. The results of these scans will be viewed with each client along with a referral to The Pregnancy Center for ongoing education and earned resources. We believe that every pregnant woman and her baby deserve to have the best care right from the start. Many cannot get to us, so we have decided to go to them!

The Stork Bus, which is a Mercedes Striker, has been fitted with technology with very detail to provide medical grade pregnancy tests and ultrasounds in a secure, professional, licensed, loving environment with state of the art medical technology and education. The Stork Bus will be an extension of our ministry and once purchased will be our very own to go out and serve our community. FYI: The Pregnancy Center is a prolife, grass-roots, Christian, nonprofit organization that does not receive government money at any  level – local, state or national. We are supported by our community, helping those who need us, in our community. We have been operating since 1983 and plan on being here far into the future. 


Why go mobile?

Here are four things we know for sure from women considering abortion…they do not have all the educated facts regarding abortion, they do not have support, they cannot afford the things a baby needs and they lack direction in caring for their newborn. Instead of waiting for women to come to our office, behind Walmart and Lowes, TPC can go out to any location, as a missional outreach, and give FREE pregnancy tests and FREE ultrasounds. Just think about it…onsite where they are! Once pregnancy is verified, by our Medical Doctor, and each woman chooses to give birth we can make an appointment for her at our office and enroll her in Earn While You Learn classes and she can begin earning baby items as she attends weekly classes on pregnancy and parenting. Once the baby is born we will follow each family through the first year of the baby’s life, as classes are taken and needed items are purchased from our Parent Pantry. You can help us reach our “matching funds” goal online by going to “” and make a donation or mail in a check. Be sure to write in the memo…Mobile Unit. The statistics show that 4 out of 5 women who enter the bus decide to give birth! Once we purchase the bus, it’s ours and we, with your help will save the lives of the unborn and their parents as we offer the gift of salvation! Now that’s a great investment!


Check out our exterior wrap design & some of the interior features: